Walking While Travelling

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Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Andre Guide

In Third and Fourth World countries, when you have traveled as far as you can go by public transport (be it bus, truck or canoe), then you walk or use other forms, for which you pay someone a fee to guide you. In northern Thailand, I took a train, rode in the back of a truck to a drop-off point to enter the jungle, and trekked for several days to different tribal villages. A few villages had elephants available, for little money, which I could hire to ride to the next village. As an elephant carries you through rice fields during planting season, a group of villagers might motion for you to join in the planting.

Through such interaction, your appreciation will grow for these villagers subsisting on the land.? Prepare for all the village children to appear. You look as strange to them as they do to you. With walking, you appreciate the movement of the land. The opportunity to ride an ancient mode of transportation could introduce you to a new culture and way of life.? You will begin to relate to the people when you see how they live, work, and play from your train or bus window, or as you bounce along on the top of a camel or elephant.

Traveling overland involves more adventure than air travel. It provides you more time to reflect on your trip and your life.


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