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Walking to Woot
Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Judge’s Review for Walking to Woot

24TH Annual Writes’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

WALKING TO WOOT: A PHOTOGRAPHIC NARRATIVE DISCOVERING NEW DIMENSIONS FOR PARENT/TEEN BONDING by Jackie Chase is an amazing book about a mother and daughter bonding in a unique setting, New Guinea. This is an experience few Americans can or will have, and so is particularly fascinating. Anyone interested in relationships, travel, or both, should read this book. WALKING TO WOOT is worth the time if all a reader does is peruse the wonderful and fascinating photographs! A wonderful, wonderful book that deserves a place in personal, public, and school libraries. A treasure to be perused again and again!

The front cover is excellent, taking the potential reader right to the scene, and provoking curiosity. The back cover is delightful. “I’d like to buy your daughter for 500 pigs,” said her guide to the author after the trek. I don’t know anyone who’s had this conversation!

The photo on the back is also wonderful. I can see why Jackie Chase’s work has won awards! I was happy to see she directs the reader to a web site. I visited it and it’s gorgeous. This is a great way to keep readers interested well beyond WALKING TO WOOT. Reading about the journey and to see Katherine blossom are both joyful.


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