Walking the airport runway?

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The Bathhouse

Situated on the south side of the Rock there is a Grade 2 listed building that used to be Gibraltar’s Bathhouse.  It never contained an actual swimming pool but was a spacious portal to a strip of beach where people went to sit on the sand, swim and socialize.  Today, the Bathhouse is nestled in-between high rise buildings on all sides, built on reclaimed land.  The building manager of the historic bathhouse, although born and bred “a Gibbo” lives in Spain, as it is cheaper to live on that side of the border.  Twice daily she takes the road that crosses the sole runway of Gibraltar’s airport in order to go to and from her work.  At the airport, traffic lights stop cars and people from crossing the tarmac when a plane is due to land or take off.  Although classed as one of the ten “most dangerous” crossings in the world, there has, to date, never been any incidents there, For some reason, folks always take particular care to obey those particular traffic lights…


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