The Adventure of Eating

Dec 26, 2017 | Cultures | 0 comments

Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.

Peter Hoeg

I like to find the hidden cafes on back streets where the locals hang out, with no English spoken.

An element of travel that attracts everyone involves sampling the local food. Exposure to different foods can turn an ordinary trip into a memorable adventure. Check out markets to find foods for sale and watch what other people order in restaurants. Some people have a real affair with the recipes passed from generation to generation, cooked in the traditional manner of the region.

Guidebooks suggest expensive restaurants and budget cafes. I like to find the hidden cafes on back streets where the locals hang out, with no English spoken. If the place looks clean and busy with locals, I figure it may offer excellent value and safety. I order a couple of things on the menu just in case one is too spicy, or not to my taste. I enjoy supporting the local owners. Discovering diverse food varieties helps the new adventurer acclimate to his new environment. The crunchy beetles in Thailand might just charm the socks off your feet. They taste delicious!

Using a phrasebook will help you select foods on the menu that sound enjoyable. Check the chapter on food in a guidebook.  The research you do before your trip will pay off with finding restaurants and negotiating prices. When you plan to look for a place to eat, take your copy of menu translations and consult locations in your handy guidebook.


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