Starting to feel “at home”

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Dining Afternoon Tea

It?s a week since I left the USA, and I feel ?at home? somehow. The people are warm and friendly beyond what we know of as friendly. Talkative, and some are conversation starters even in the elevator. The staff are nothing but outright helpful and always smiling and eager to please with everything from helping me establish Wi-Fi on all my various devices to showing me how to use the printer for shore excursion vouchers that I forgot to print while home. Even trying to figure out what peanut butter is! ?None of the wait staff in the morning buffet had ever heard of it.

The variety in entertainment can?t possibly bore anyone here. It ranges from Broadway shows at night, to lectures like a famous retired detective sharing some of his famous funny cases, every kind of game, craft, music venue and more are going on all day, every day.

Then there is the one thing that can make or break a cruise, short or long. The food. With my new lifestyle of eating vegetarian, well, all I can say is this,,,,,,,, ? ?IF you want to become a vegetarian then start on a world cruise with P&O because you will be spoiled like never ever before.


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