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The young boys entertained with cute little boy antics, like arguing over which picture to color, after I drew animals on a piece of wood.

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Day of the Crazies in Mexico

The Day of the Crazies is a tradition in San Miguel. Eager to win favors from San Pascual, the saint, the locals hide behind wild disguises to avoid being recognized.

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Travel. What dreams do you have?

Do key-chains, a splendid tan, or photographs some stranger took of you in front of the Eiffel Tower qualify as treasures of a trip? Or, are you more the type to seek the joy of discovery by expanding your knowledge of world events and developing an awareness of your own potential? Can you find the real magic of travel?

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The Adventure of Eating

Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions. I like to find the hidden cafes on back streets where the locals hang out, with no English spoken. An element of travel that attracts everyone involves sampling the local food. Exposure to different foods can turn an...

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Across the channel, where life concealed itself, the natural habitats would allow us to travel, at least in our imagination, to the origins of time.

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Jackie Chase

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