Embarkation at Southampton

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Smoked Salmon 2

I started the trip feeling overwhelmed, anxious and maybe a little frightened as to what I had done. Almost four months is a long time in one little room, on one boat floating around the world in all kinds of weather (snow tomorrow in Greece!) and with all kinds of people. (2000 to be exact and only five are AMERICAN.)

But a lifelong dream came true, and nothing to do but see it through. I imagine most dreams cause hesitation at first?

Ship?s first examination fulfilled my anticipation about food, the size of the cabin, and whether the people might be too stuffy at first meeting. My girlfriend and I arrived too late for lunch but afternoon ?tea? was more than what I would have had for my Thanksgiving dinner! Salmon, salads, fresh fruits and all kinds of veggie dishes plus deserts up the tree! British eat a main meal at noon and call it dinner. In the late afternoon, they have high tea and before bed perhaps sandwiches. The ship serves its food with dinner in the evenings so ?high tea? is not daily. The alternate days they offer just ?tea? which is sweets and tea.

The room is just perfect, with a long couch for watching movies and two comfy twin beds with oodles of storage room for our two bags each, a huge desk, coffee table, new TV, refrig and safe.

First sea day and ship is rockin? and rollin? along at 24 knots, with the goal of making 500 nautical miles per 24 hours. (30,000 nautical miles to cover, total) Some people are feeling queasy, and I wonder if I will be one of them in time? Glad I am not crossing the Atlantic until spring is in the air. Passing through the Straits of Gibraltar, only 8 miles wide, will take away the Atlantic waves.

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  1. Peter walker

    No we don,t. Dinner is in the evening. Lunch is about 12 to 2 ish. Afternoon tea is 3 ish. High tea is a fancy afternoon tea . Supper after all that is about 10 ish. Just thought I would say! Good journal and I enjoyied meeting you at dinner.


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