Day 66 | Lautoka Fiji | The secrets to fire-walking

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It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.

Andre Guide

A bed of coals can exceed 1000 degrees F. In 1997, the world?s hottest fire-walk topped 1750 degrees F., which is the same temperature used for cremations. Here is a quick idea of how experts walk over the coals without a single burn. Please don?t try this on your own!

First, find the right wood, like maple or cherry, as hardwoods are excellent insulators even when they are aflame. They glow a brilliant orange making for a good ?show?.

Rake the coals after the fire has burnt down. Now the orange walking path glows even brighter. Actually this will spread cold charcoal to the surface which adds insulation. By flattening the coals, the fire-walker?s feet don?t sink down into the hotter embers below. And now you have your walk-way.

Now, tell a story or legend about fire-walking to kill some time. Let the coals dry, as embers that still hold water can transfer heat to feet faster. Use a branch of leaves or a broom and dust some ash on top of the coals. Ash is a terrible heat conductor and will block heat radiating from the coals

Dip feet in water before walking over the coals. The liquid forms an insulating layer of steam when it meets intense heat. The moisture acts like a protective barrier over the feet. Keep in mind when taking those steps across the embers to walk lightly without stopping. Running may cause feet to sink deep into scorching cinders, so keep each step under a second.

Coals have a low thermal capacity, meaning they are terrible at transferring heat. For example, if you stick your hand in an oven set to 400 degrees F, the air feels hot, but it won?t burn you instantly. Each step will absorb very little heat. The bottom line is to keep moving and only try this if you are an expert!


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