Day 59 | Akaroa New Zealand | Looking for a possum sweater?

Mar 8, 2017News0 comments

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw

Craggy, volcanic hills form a backyard for the 600 people living in the picturesque coastal village of Akaroa. The village, only a few blocks wide, circles the pier used by tenders waiting to transport passengers to their cruise ships. The sheltered harbor boasts a lighthouse, inviting open-air cafes, and unique gift/art shops. I didn?t see any of the usual tourist souvenirs like stuffed dolphins, shot glasses, or magnets. Shops selling merino wool or possum sweaters intermingled with the shutter-fronted wooden houses in every shade of pastel imaginable. I spent the morning leisurely walking the beach-lined store fronts while talking with my children back home. Seeing village life up close felt good after the bustle of bus shuttles to downtown big city life in previous ports.


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