Day 54 | Sydney Australia | Koalas are not bears?

Mar 3, 2017News0 comments

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.


Koalas are not bears?

Whoa, who says so?

Who can resist that cute adorable little face of the koala bear? But yet if you try and hold one who has grown up in a zoo environment, they resist with their sharp claws digging into you and fighting to get away.? Eating Eucalyptus leaves, pooping and sleeping is their life. They leave their moms before they are a year old and live alone the rest of their lives. Exerting energy from changing sleeping positions or an uncomfortable tree branch means eating more leaves which is their only source of food and moisture.

Several years ago I held one and had to wear something like a bullet-proof vest to protect myself in case they tried to get away by using my shoulders as a tree branch.


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