Day 21 | Going Up On A Camel

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Mounting a kneeling camel three feet off the ground is simple enough. Just throw your right leg over the hopefully padded saddle. But quickly grab onto the side of the saddle or saddle horn if there is one, as the camel will begin to rise without notice. To the uninitiated, the next steps will catch you off guard.

Your guide will have removed your shoes as camels are usually led with a barefoot or two as they don?t have reins like a horse. Your shoes tied to the saddle will fling about as the camel?s back legs straighten first. You?ll feel like you are flying forward right over the camel?s head. Its front legs stay doubled up under its body. ?So you are momentarily tilted with your back almost horizontal. Before catching your breath or even realizing what is happening, the front legs straighten and you are jerked backwards. You are now up in the air without any controls whatsoever.

Camels have a mind of their own and if they want to go they will. Pulling back on the rope handed to you by the guide or saying ?whoa? Is useless. Bottom line for camel riding is always hang on!


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