Giraffe-Neck Girl

Make Friends with Different Cultures
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Giraffe-Neck Girl
Bring cultures to life with real people! “Giraffe-Neck Girl” introduces ten-year-old Mucha and her family. Wearing the brass neck rings sets the Padaung, or giraffe neck tribe of Asia, apart as a unique tribe. How and why girls wear these heavy rings around their necks intrigues young readers. Lush, colorful photographs show how this community maintains harmony. Become a part of Mucha’s family by sharing her daily activities, like catching locusts and eating them for a snack. Visit the school, play with children having water fights at the local well, help a father build a porch, and watch two neighbors roasting a pig. Then, go with Mucha to pick out a live duck for dinner in her small, rural village in northern Thailand. Jackie Chase, author of award-winning “Now to Become an Escape Artist” A Traveler’s Handbook, is a published author/blogger/photo-journalist who makes travel exciting and accessible to all. Visit for her latest sharing from over 100 countries visited and learn about her other books.
Jackie Chase

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