100 People to Meet Before You Die

Travel to Exotic Cultures
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100 People To Meet Before You Die
Travel writing can offer scenes of great buildings and landscapes, or can introduce the reader to new friends from fascinating cultures. This anthology of stories about villagers living in 12 exotic cultures allows everyone to experience the wonders of our fascinating world both visually, through 321 images, and in a colorful narrative.

By sharing the trailblazing adventures of Jackie Chase, a Midwest housewife and mother of four, you can experience:

  • The warmth of unexpected friendships and smiles half a world away from home
  • Photo opportunities that capture extraordinary lifestyles or giggling children
  • Rituals of life?s passages like marriage, puberty, elaborate funeral processions, or holidays
  • Memories of Moroccan bisteeya, a three-layer sweet pie in thin pastry, eaten with fingers
  • Close observation of the daily lives of people in unfamiliar settings
  • New perspectives on the practices of family customs in foreign lands

The journey with Jackie takes puts you behind her camera and lets you share her journal, away from the mundane habits and predictable schedules of everyday life. Like good fiction, there is adventure and surprise, but here, it?s all true.

The book?is available in three formats ? eBook, Paperback and a special Value Edition with B&W photography. ?You can get it today at Adventure Travel Press, Amazon and other leading online retailers.

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Four Stars for Walking to Woot

Four Stars for Walking to Woot

OnlineBookClub has rated Walking to Woot by Jackie Chase 4 out of 4 stars. “It inspires people to see every day as an adventure of its own and every person as a unique treasure, to be valued for their own sake.”

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Jackie Chase

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